Faster Booking to sale Conversion

Loan application statuses are at times opaque and outdated when it reaches you. Inaccurate information and miscommunication between bankers and developers can make loan monitoring a pain.

With MHub being an ultimate digital platform, we aim to address these problems and provide a win-win solution for all stakeholders, allowing everyone to do more with less.

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Connect in Minutes
Connect buyers to bankers immediately after booking is done.

Easy Monitoring
Monitor your buyers' loan status in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

Generate Reports Easily
Generate reports with a simple click.

Work With The Best
Connect with our community of reputable and experienced bankers.

PDPA Compliant
Details and process are compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Know Buyers' Crediworthiness
Reduce turnaround time by helping buyers' to make informed decisions.

Security Assurance
Buyers' information are stored on highly secured servers.

No Hidden Fees
We also dislike nasty surprises.

Fanatical Support
Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are here to help.


Head on over to our FAQ page for Developers or get in touch to talk to our friendly community team. 
Do more with less. With MHub. 

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