Here's Why

Buying a property can be a very rewarding experience. But it can also be a very tedious one with the many processes involved. A typical sales cycle can take up to 3 months, sometimes more.

Which is funny because all parties involved wants the same thing: property developers want to sell properties, banks want to give out loans (to those deserving) and buyers want a roof over their heads.

This pain is especially felt by property developers. The longer it takes to sell, the more the cost for them. Time is money. The reason why it takes a long time is because we don’t know these 3 key information in real time.



Unit availability and pricing:

Unless sales teams are physically at the show galleries, they won’t readily know the unit availability / price structure – this can cause double bookings and delays.


Buyer’s credit worthiness:

While booking can be done immediately by paying a booking fee, it takes awhile before buyers know his or her loan eligibility – this translates to opportunity cost.


Loan application status:

Once a booking is made, developers won't necessarily know which banks buyers are applying for and what the status is at any given time. This blind spot is a genuine pain.

The Solution

The solution is MHub; a platform that closes gaps in the property sales cycle. Unlike comparison sites, MHub is a platform that directly connects property sales teams, real estate agents and bankers.

Speed up, simplify and save cost with MHub's 3 key features:


Sales teams can sell easier by having a real time listing, sales gallery in their pocket so they can sell anytime, anywhere!

Credit Check

Credit Check tool enables property buyers to get visibility on the buyer’s loan eligibility by getting their CTOS, CCRIS and DSR score within minutes!

Loan Tracker

Once a booking is made, buyers are connected to bankers immediately with Loan Tracker. Bankers can then easily update loan status so everyone is n the same page.